28 02, 2024

You can’t cut your way to growth


By Victor Assad, Managing Partner of InnovatonOne, LLC. Organizations are resorting to relentless cost-cutting and lean sigma during these volatile times. Their goal is to improve their operations, but they’re doing it in a way that alienates employees. Instead, organizations can achieve breakthrough productivity, innovation, and profits by better aligning their employees to the [...]

You can’t cut your way to growth2024-02-28T12:03:06-08:00
11 08, 2020

Why innovation is the least risky strategy


With the pandemic and significant decline in revenues, executives know that they must innovate to survive these unprecedented times. But how? Many executives, however, have chosen to play it safe and secure,  hunker down, and hoard cash. The problem with playing it safe is while you can cut costs to meet falling revenues, you [...]

Why innovation is the least risky strategy2020-08-10T14:14:14-07:00
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