23 06, 2021

Five strategy shifts for innovation.


The strategy shift framework, a new model for the practice of strategy, considers strategy and innovation as two sides of the same coin – conceptually exclusive, yet interdependent. At the core of the strategy shift framework is the 10 percent rule. Companies should reduce or eliminate activities of low value by 10 percent and [...]

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11 08, 2020

Why innovation is the least risky strategy


With the pandemic and significant decline in revenues, executives know that they must innovate to survive these unprecedented times. But how? Many executives, however, have chosen to play it safe and secure,  hunker down, and hoard cash. The problem with playing it safe is while you can cut costs to meet falling revenues, you [...]

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17 03, 2020

Ten insights on improving innovation from the decade of innovation


After the decade of innovation, the pursuit of successful innovation execution is still not easy. As reported by McKinsey (2018), 84 percent of executives feel innovation is critical for growth, yet only six percent are satisfied with their innovation efforts. What many executives are finding is that the context of an organization’s environment is [...]

Ten insights on improving innovation from the decade of innovation2022-04-29T11:59:17-07:00
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