InnovationOne™ uses a scientifically developed assessment to measure, benchmark, and improve your company’s culture and capability to innovate and enjoy better outcomes and financial results. 

The companies, government agencies, and non-profits we work with are usually successful but worried. The executives of these organizations are concerned that they are not recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities to be innovative or may be disrupted. Many were once innovative, but while maximizing their efficiencies or cutting costs during the economic hardship of the Covid-19 pandemic, they lost their ability to be innovative. We work with them to assess their innovation culture and capability, develop their innovation strategies, ignite innovation cultures, and build to capacity to be innovative.

Through over 20 years of research and the publication of over 25 peer-reviewed academic articles on innovation and business strategy, InnovationOne Founder C. Brooke Dobni, PhD., has developed the InnovationOne Health Index©. It has been benchmarked with over 3,000 organizations and thousands of executives, managers, and employees. It  is referenced in academic literature as one of the most comprehensive and reliable measures of innovation culture in organizations.

Our research revealed that companies scoring in the top quartile of our InnovationOne Health Index© reported higher financial performance than bottom quartile performers by as much as 22%. We also learned that the 2012 top innovators earned a 6.3% total shareholder return premium (stock price appreciation and dividends) over three years. Companies that have been on the top innovators’ list since 2004 delivered a 4% premium over 10 years.

Improving your organization’s innovation is more successful when reliable and trustworthy information is available to guide you, and experienced people are working with you. Your employees will love the journey, and you will love the positive impact on your bottom line.

We Can Help Learn More 


Culture and innovation are measurable and manageable. 

Without a clear understanding of your current culture and capability for innovation, you won’t know how to maximize best your organization’s ability to innovate, create value, and improve financial success.

The InnovationOne Health Index© solves this guesswork with a scientifically developed assessment of your current culture and capability for innovation.

What you will receive:

  • Analytics showing your areas of strength and weakness across the four organizational dimensions and 12 drivers of innovation

  • Innovation benchmarks by your industry or country

  • Specific recommendations to implement next week, next quarter, and next year

  • Executive Workshop to strategically plan how to improve your innovation

In addition, we offer:

  • Coaching and training for your executives, project leaders, and teams.

  • The Accelerate Innovation Group Hack empowers employees to brainstorm ideas aligned to the organization’s innovation strategies, collaborate, move ideas forward, evaluate their projects, and seek funding.



We work with organizations to measure, benchmark and build innovation through:


As your employees take our survey, we map their answers to the InnovationOne Health Index and important benchmarks. The results will give you a clear picture of your current strengths and areas for improvement among the four organizational dimensions for innovation: Leadership, Resources, Knowledge Management, and Implementation Process.

It will provide you with a baseline to make immediate changes and to lay the foundation for changes over the next year. We will work with you to understand your analytics, plot your strategy for improvement, and to set up a fast-paced action plan.  We can also provide you “hands-on” assistance for making these important changes to improve your innovation and business performance. Finally, we will help you measure and track your progress!

We have the No. 1 diagnostic tool to improve your organization’s innovation!

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