InnovationOne Culture Index©

The InnovationOne Culture Index© is the most comprehensive diagnostic assessment available to measure and benchmark an organization’s culture and capability to be innovative. It is a scientifically based, proprietary tool that has been used by 2,000 organizations across a variety of industries. Through the InnovationOne Culture Index©, your organization will gain a better understanding of its innovation orientation, including the roadblocks to advancing your company’s innovation culture.

Our empirical evidence shows that companies that score in the top quartile of the InnovationOne Culture Index© reported higher financial performance than bottom quartile performers by as much as 22%. We also learned that the 2012 top innovators earned a 6.3% total shareholder return premium (stock price appreciation and dividends) over three years.

Companies that have been on the top innovators’ list since 2004 delivered a 4% premium over 10 years. (This research is published by our Founder, C. Brooke Dobni, in the academic article, “The relationship between an innovation orientation and organizational performance,” International Journal of Innovation and Learning, 2010.)

Our innovation measurement includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the 12 drivers of innovation for your organization
  • Your innovation scores and a benchmark of your scores against industry and country averages
  • A prescriptive, multi-year blueprint to advance your organization’s innovation orientation
  • Specific recommendations around gaps in innovation thought and application

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