Accelerate Innovation Group Hack

Value Proposition: Hack Through Bureaucracy and Structure to Encourage Employee Innovation and Quickly Make Decisions

In many organizations, no process exists to allow employees to brainstorm, collaborate, move ideas forward, prototype, and evaluate their projects. In many cases, employees do not know how to conduct an analysis and prepare a business case with a return on investment analysis to justify their innovative ideas.

The InnovationOne Accelerate Innovation Group Hack Process remedies these concerns and provides organizations with a methodology to generate, evaluate and approve innovations—through top management–in two days.

With our methodology, organizations can rapidly break through the barriers of their organizations and generate, build upon, and implement innovation that improves their organizational success.


Participants in this workshop will learn by doing the InnovationOne Accelerate Innovation Group Hack Process. It is a seven-step process, which includes empathy, definition, ideation, business case development, prototype, test, and implementation.

Participants will engage in the first four stages and develop a proposal with a business case to take back to their executive leaders for a decision. Participants will learn about group processes. They will use tools for brainstorming, prioritizing ideas, developing a business case, and pitching an innovation proposal to top management. 

Key Learning Objectives –Participants Will:

  • Learn the research behind what drives innovation and transformation in organizations, including reviewing innovation-methodologies and digital technologies. Also, learn how leadership, culture, strategic models, alignment of processes and systems, and decision-making accelerates the implementation of the best innovation projects. This review will include The Seven Traits of Highly Innovative Companies and other reports or academic papers such as the findings of our 2019 Global State of Innovation Survey with The Conference Board, or Six Steps to Install a Discovery Culture and Thrive Through Adversity.
  • Learn and use a group brainstorming process to improve innovation in the strategic growth focus areas for their organizations.
  • Use a group process to define categories for the ideas proposed, and then group those ideas into these categories. Choose the ideas that have the best opportunity for success from each category.
  • Develop project plans for each selected idea to create the opportunity and solution statement. The project plans will also report on the analysis, steps for implementation, expected outcomes, budget, and resources to implement the innovation. Participants will also conduct a return on investment for each project.
  • Prepare a presentation for a mock top-management pitch and receive development feedback on their pitch.

Target Audience:

The target audience for this workshop is groups of employees or leaders of an organization who are involved in an innovation process or project.  They may also be employees who are “innovation advocates” or leaders of an innovation or strategy team.  The Accelerate Innovation Group Hack Process can also be used by departments or as company-wide workshop or critical event to kick start innovative ideas and rapidly implement them.

Are You Ready to Innovate? 

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