Innovation Leads to Higher Profits

Companies that focus on a set of innovation capabilities most consistent with their innovation strategy and tightly aligned with their overall corporate strategy reported higher profit margins than their competitors, by up to 22%.

What Motivates Us?

Working with companies to overcome their barriers to innovation motivates us! Leading edge research that provides keen insights on innovation motivates us. Innovation motivates us!
Innovation drives value. Innovation drives profitable growth and competitive advantage for companies. Innovation grows national economies. Innovation gives employees purpose and lifts the human spirit.Innovation is as individual as the companies that foster it.

We help companies outperform their rivals by embedding innovation into the core of their organization. Our approach is established on the belief that innovation can be systematically built and managed, and that capabilities and processes can be developed to reduce the risks associated with growth through innovation. We work with organizations to create an internal environment that forms the foundation to lever value creation through innovation.

Our approach is widely participative and simple – we want to help organizations drive transformational growth through innovation.

We accomplish this by:

  • Taking a general management and enterprise view of innovation

  • Focusing on growth through innovation, with a specific focus on professional development and execution models that are unique to your organization’s culture and competitive realities

  • Understanding your organization’s innovation orientation, and working within those boundaries, with a view to expanding them

  • Providing effective and unique insights that are customized for your organization and can be implemented in a timely and cost effective manner

  • Focusing on results over the long term

  • Advancing the theory and practice of innovation through ongoing research and fieldwork

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