InnovationOne Consulting

inovationInnovation is tangible, measurable and manageable. The InnovationOne Health Index is the most comprehensive diagnostic assessment available to measure and benchmark innovation in an organization.

Additionally, our InnovationOne leadership team combines deep knowledge and practice in the areas of executive leadership, strategy implementation, employee empowerment, and performance management. We know how to help organizations build sustainable cultures of innovation. Our customized blueprint enables today’s business leaders to overcome their organization’s barriers to innovation and generate new value

With most of our clients, our partnership begins with either an executive innovation workshop or by administering the InnovationOne Health Index. After we have assessed an organization’s culture and capability for innovation, and worked with the executive team to understand their gaps and developed a road-map to overcome their barriers to innovation, it is time to start innovating!

The final step for most organizations is to embed your new capability. This includes the important step to change your management systems to reward innovation, collect insightful analytics, be decisive on which ideas to move forward, and successfully commercialize your innovation to drive value.

We will guide you in implementing your plan and provide you expertise along the way so that you are successful.

We have expertise with:

  • clarifying strategic messages
  • implementing strategy and leading change
  • inspiring employees and external partners to participate in the innovation journey
  • pulse surveys to measure progress
  • Group Innovation Acceleration Process
  • changing your learning, performance management and reward systems to generate and reinforce innovative thinking
  • training leaders, teams, and employees to be innovative
  • longitudinal InnovationOne Health Index assessments, benchmarks and recommendations

Don’t rest on your initial success. Organizations with strong innovation cultures continually innovate to stay ahead of disruptive innovation.

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