Innovation Workshops and Training

Igniting Innovation – One Day, with Assessment

This one-day workshop is for executive teams who led successful organizations, for one reason or another, are struggling with igniting the innovation of their companies.  Many of these executive teams have recently tried different solutions to ignite their innovation but did not obtain all the outcomes they wanted. For many, they are uncertain on what to do next.

These executive teams are usually facing new disruptive competition from outside their industries or find that their own innovative solutions for new products, services and business models are lacking. And as a result, their financial projections for profitable growth are threatened.

The executive teams who take this workshop see the big picture challenging their organizations.They realize that only a comprehensive approach to improve innovation will truly create a competitive advantage and improve profitable growth.

In this workshop, the participants will be provided a review of the latest research on innovation and will learn the traits of highly innovative companies and how they are able to remain innovative, year in and year out.  Workshop attendees will also learn the six mistakes companies make when trying to improve their innovation, and the steps to take to overcome these common mistakes. Relevant case studies of innovative companies will also be shared during the workshop.

Participants will also be asked to complete the InnovationOne Health IndexExecutive Version. Based on the Health Index, the participants will learn the strengths and weaknesses of their innovation capability and culture. In addition, they will receive a benchmark report based on their Health Index results, which will show them their relative strengths and weaknesses based on their industry or country. More importantly, participants will receive recommendations on the steps they can take next week, next quarter, and over the next couple of years to become a leading innovative company in their industry.

Unlike other innovation organizational assessments, the InnovationOne Health Index is based on over 20 years of scientific research by InnovationOne founder, C Brooke Dobni, PhD. Dr. Dobni’s research has uncovered how innovative companies become and remain innovative.  Because we have over 3,000 organizations in our database, we can confidently compare your results to the results of other organizations and provide specific recommendations the steps to take to improve your innovation.

After this workshop, executive teams will be:

  1. More acutely aware of the strengths and development areas of your culture and capability for innovation, and how it is impacting your company’s success and financial performance.
  2. Continually open to more feedback from your workforce, external experts, partners, and your customers.
  3. Challenging tunnel-vision, group think, and addressing blind spots more boldly.
  4. Better able to enable your workforce to ideate, and how to discern the great innovative ideas, analyze them, prototype, and move forward.
  5. More understanding of what it takes to align your operations to commercialize your innovation.
  6. Develop a two-year plan to improve your culture and capability for innovation.

I invite you to learn more about our approach to Innovation our thought leading research, the InnovationOne Health Index, and the results enjoyed by our clients. Are you ready to ignite innovation in your company? Are you ready to have an innovative, financially successful, and leading business in your domain?

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