Dr. Brooke Dobni will be presenting on strategy and innovation at The Effective Executive Leadership Program at The Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan, Jan. 27- Feb.2, 2018.

Dr. Dobni is the founder of InnovationOne and a Professor at the Edwards School of Business and a University of Saskatchewan Scholar of Entrepreneurship. He has had over 250 consulting engagements and has published over 30 articles on strategy and innovation.

The Effective Executive Leadership Program is a week long retreat, focusing on professional and personal growth; both critical for long term success as a leader. The program will contribute to your development as a leader and allow you to better understand your own potential, as well as the potential of others around you.

Located in serene Prince Albert National Park, this program allows you to fully immerse yourself in the learning environment and to concentrated on the interaction and learning from other participants and expert facilitators through a series of interconnected sessions.

Download a brochure!  Ask questions or register by calling 306-966-2446 or emailing exceed@edwards.usask.ca.