InnovationOne, LLC was delighted to participate in the Ethos Project led by Idaho National Labs of The US Department of Energy.

The Ethos Project studied the cultures of innovation of six different DOE LABs. The team learned there is a high correlation between culture and R&D lab performance. The results are outstanding: a one-point improvement in a lab’s innovation culture score on a 100-point scale InnovationOne Culture Index corresponded with a 20-30 percent increase in performance of key R&D outcomes. Indeed, culture improves R&D lab performance.

These results from DOE R&D labs closely match our breakthrough research with the private sector. Companies that score in the upper quartile of the InnovationOne Culture Index have an average of 22 percent higher financial outcomes than those in the lower quartile. Whether in the public or private sector, cultures of innovation lead to higher performance and financial results.

Download the INL Ethos Project Infographic here

About InnovationOne®, LLC.

InnovationOne®, LLC helps organizations worldwide build a culture of innovation and make it sustainable. InnovationOne® uses a scientifically developed assessment to measure, benchmark, and improve your company’s culture and capability to innovate. Companies scoring in the top quartile of our InnovationOne Culture Index© reported higher financial performance than bottom quartile performers by 22 percent. Our latest research shows that R&D Labs can improve their performance by 20 to 30 percent with higher innovation culture scores. Measure and ignite your culture of innovation.