How We Work With Your Organization

Our innovation process will help you build a sustainable culture of innovation in your organization.


We will work you to assess the obstacles to unlocking your employees’ innovation:

  • The Innovation Health Index is a scientifically based, proprietary assessment that scores your organization across the 12 drivers of innovation
  • You will receive a benchmark of your scores against industry and country averages


We will provide analytics and specific recommendations enabling you to understand how you can close the gaps to innovation. You will get a detailed report across the 12 dimensions of innovation. You will also receive an analysis and recommendations on how you can move your organization forward. Our work will accelerate your understanding and let you know how other organizations have overcome the barriers you are facing.


Our analysis results in your roadmap for innovation, a comprehensive set of actions you can initiate to build a sustainable culture of innovation. For example, we find that many companies struggle with what we call “innovation strategy and learning.” These organizations have not set innovation strategies and goals and repeatedly articulated them across the organization.

This “trait” shows up with low scores across three of our 12 dimensions, the dimensions for innovation goals and vision, strategic model and organizational learning. If this is a barrier to innovation in your organization, we will work with you to shape your innovation goals and strategies, determine how to communicate them to your workforce in a compelling way, and show you how to invest in the organizational learning necessary to spur innovation.

Create Ongoing Value

After we have assessed your culture of innovation, you will understand the gaps you need to close and have a roadmap to overcome the barriers. Then, we will show you how to use this knowledge to build a sustainable culture of innovation.

We will help you institutionalize your innovation capacities by aligning your management systems to support innovation, including: strategic planning, annual budgeting, performance management, and learning and rewards systems. These changes will continually reinforce innovative thinking within your organization and drive value.

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