A higher innovation culture score at R&D Labs leads to dramatically higher organization performance. That is the conclusion of a joint study by InnovationOne® and the US Department of Energy (DOE).

The study hypothesized that the higher the innovation culture scores of DOE labs, the higher their performance. The InnovationOne Culture Index© was used to measure DOE lab innovation cultures. More than 2,000 DOE employees from six DOE R&D Labs participated. The performance of the labs was measured on 13 equally weighted metrics.


The results show that performance correlates strongly with culture. Improving a culture score by just one point (on a 100-point scale) can increase performance in innovation, commercial deployments, partnerships with industry, and academic publications by up to 30 percent.

Improved Innovation Cultures Lead to Higher Performance

Getting innovation culture right means more innovation and breakthrough technologies, perhaps up to three times as many. The next time you are thinking of launching a bold new initiative or looking for your organization to achieve more significant impact, think about your Lab’s culture. Is it an innovation culture that will maximize results? If not, that is where you should start.

Learn more, including the three most important factors for increasing innovation and three separate factors for improving commercial outcomes, by watching the video.

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