29 06, 2022

Use a people-orientated approach to implementing AI


By Victor Assad, Managing Partner for InnovationOne, LLC It is essential to use a people-oriented approach to implementing AI to keep the human emotions and work front and center in the change. A people-centric approach involves the impacted employees and clients in the design of digitizing workflows and processes. AI strategies fail when the [...]

Use a people-orientated approach to implementing AI2022-06-28T16:25:58-07:00
9 07, 2019

The secret to implementing AI


Artificial Intelligence is a buzz word these days, and many believe that companies are using AI to automate customer service, recruiting, store data, and perform other functions. However, the buzz has run into a buzz saw. After surveying thousands of executives about how their companies use and organize for artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, McKinsey [...]

The secret to implementing AI2019-07-09T10:42:33-07:00
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