29 06, 2022

Use a people-orientated approach to implementing AI


By Victor Assad, Managing Partner for InnovationOne, LLC It is essential to use a people-oriented approach to implementing AI to keep the human emotions and work front and center in the change. A people-centric approach involves the impacted employees and clients in the design of digitizing workflows and processes. AI strategies fail when the [...]

Use a people-orientated approach to implementing AI2022-06-28T16:25:58-07:00
23 06, 2021

Five strategy shifts for innovation.


The strategy shift framework, a new model for the practice of strategy, considers strategy and innovation as two sides of the same coin – conceptually exclusive, yet interdependent. At the core of the strategy shift framework is the 10 percent rule. Companies should reduce or eliminate activities of low value by 10 percent and [...]

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18 05, 2021

Webinar on the Six Traits of Highly Innovative Organizations


Based on our research at InnovationOne LLC, we have discovered that these six traits are fundamental for innovative companies. Our research also shows that when companies score high on these traits, they lead their industries in financial performance. Our webinar, hosted by IdeaScale, has our offer for a complimentary six-traits assessment of your organization's [...]

Webinar on the Six Traits of Highly Innovative Organizations2021-05-18T08:53:53-07:00
16 02, 2021

Leading innovation in the post-pandemic world


Even in the normal times of the 2010s, before the pandemic, the business world was disruptive and innovation was difficult. We had many vice presidents of research and development, digital transformation, innovation, and marketing come to us asking, "Can you get our CEO to focus more on innovation?" "What prevents such a focus?" I always asked. [...]

Leading innovation in the post-pandemic world2021-02-16T07:44:46-08:00
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