4 10, 2022

It’s foolish to punish quiet quitters in this small-growth economy.


Last week’s The Wall Street Journal article on Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing includes observations from me on this popular topic. The very next day, Friday, I was interviewed by Fox26 Houston to provide advice to employees who find themselves being a victim of Quiet Firing. Over the weekend, others reached out to me to discuss [...]

It’s foolish to punish quiet quitters in this small-growth economy.2022-10-04T06:17:49-07:00
15 09, 2022

Seven strategies to combat quiet quitting


By Victor Assad, Managing Partner of InnovationOne. At least half of the workforce is quiet quitting, according to a report published last week by Gallup. Weeks before, The Wall Street Journal reported on the viral spread of the topic on social media, especially TikTok, by Gen Z and Millennial employees. Sometimes the posts included [...]

Seven strategies to combat quiet quitting2022-09-15T05:26:19-07:00
30 08, 2022

Don’t overreact to “quiet quitting”


After two years of burnout from Covid-19, Gen Z employees have begun to set boundaries, focus on a life outside of work, and have a better work-life balance. They call it “quiet quitting.” Their viewpoint also comes with less enthusiasm for work, doing just enough to get by, and not voluntarily offering to do [...]

Don’t overreact to “quiet quitting”2022-08-29T20:15:23-07:00
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