After we administer the InnovationOne Health Index in your organization, you and your executive team will receive a detailed report that will show you the strengths and development areas of your organization across the four organizational dimensions and 12 drivers of innovation.

We have the capability to provide analysis by different levels of your organization and for separate organizational functions, business units, regions and geographies.

We will provide a one-day executive  workshop with your executive team to review our findings and discuss with you the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, and you how your organization stacks up against your industry or country benchmark. 

Through our research, we have identified the six traits of highly innovative companies. We will show you how your organization compares against these six traits. And which of these six traits to focus on to improve your culture and capability for innovation.

After going through the data and answering your questions, we will lead you through a blueprint planning process that takes the results of your survey and our analysis, and clearly lays out, and prioritizes, ways to build upon your strong innovation capabilities and how to improve the weak ones.

The workshop ends with a plan that will identify actions to take next week, next quarter, and over the next two years.

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