Join us for an informative webinar today on how to continually win with innovation in today’s competitive and fast changing business environment.

Arthur Liberian, Senior Innovation Advisor at Planbox and InnovationOne’s Victor Assad will uncover how highly innovative organizations disrupt the market today with eight must-know fundamental practices during a Master Class on March 11 from 1-2 PM ET.

This session will explore the following solutions:

  • How to prioritize innovation in your corporate strategy
  • How to embrace innovation throughout the entire organization
  • How to unleash your employees’ creativity and collaboration for your innovation initiatives
  • What are the emerging technologies that can strengthen your innovation culture

This webcast will be based on the recent research of C. Brooke Dobhni, Ph.D. and The Conference Board.

This session will enable you to explore the value of cultures of innovation and talent strategies. Tune in to learn how to foster your innovation culture and find out best practices that highly innovative organizations are applying today.

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