Our analysis and planning process will provide recommendations on a comprehensive set of action you can implement to improve innovation. Our recommendations will be based on the seven traits of highly innovative companies.

For example, we find that many companies struggle with what we call the “innovation strategy—strategic model—organization learning trait”.  (For short, we call this the strategic leadership trait.) This “trait” shows up with low scores across three of our 12 dimensions. The dimensions for innovation goals and vision, strategic model and organization learning. These organizations have not set innovation strategies and goals. Their executives do not repeatedly articulate the importance of innovation and the innovation strategies to the workforce and external ecosystem. The organization does not invest in the critical organizational learning and behaviors that drive ideation, collaboration, and knowledge management.

If this innovation trait is a barrier in your organization, we will work with you to improve it and inspire, measure, and manage innovation in a focused way.

Some companies have executives who do an extraordinary job with the strategic leadership trait. They struggle in other areas. In some case, we find their innovation cultures fall down on ideation and knowledge management.  So they have well articulated strategies, but not the processes and systems to inspire and manage ideation. Or other companies struggle commercializing their innovation. This is the heartbreak of innovation. They can’t get the attention and focus of their operations to implement their innovation.

Whatever innovation traits we find scoring below the benchmark and needing development, we will work with you to strengthen those innovation traits and drive business results. 

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