SAN JOSE, Calif. and SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Silicon Valley based Innovation Minds announced today that it will team up with InnovationOne of Scottsdale, Arizona. The join will tie together a foundational scientific, research-based approach for assessing and prescribing product innovation management capabilities and culture readiness with beautifully engaging, time saving Innovation Management software.

The result is an ability to create an internal environment that forms a foundation to lever value creation through innovation. It effectively reduces the number of vendor partners that organizations must pull in to start and sustain a program that moves ideas to the finish line and on to becoming products, services, and solutions without a lengthy cycle time.

Both companies attract a global audience, demystifying, facilitating, and guiding innovation cycles for diverse sectors including Manufacturing, Biosciences, Property and Casualty Insurance, Government, Construction, and Tech.

“Rarely does a game-changing idea emerge from the strategic planning process or from the thoughts and ideas of one employee,” said Dr Brooke Dobni, PhD, founder of InnovationOne. “Rather, they originate from a culture and lean infrastructure that encourages ideas across the organization and its external ecosystem. This strategic alliance will allow organizations to take what is learned and put it into practical go-forward action with the Innovation Minds platform and to ultimately commercialize the best ideas.”

“There is an enormous opportunity to bundle the collective capability to provide the most comprehensive solution together,” said Bala Balasubramaniam, CEO of Innovation Minds. “This is a great partnership to provide more emphasis on solving what innovation leaders cite as the 4 main issues that derail their innovation efforts: Non-scalable processes to manage ideas thus limited yield; Culture that doesn’t support innovation & agility; Lack of strategic alignment and sponsorship; and Talent that isn’t engaged or motivated to participate. The Innovation Minds/InnovationOne partnership becomes even more relevant as companies now prepare for a total paradigm shift in how they do business.”

About Innovation Minds
Founded in 2015, by an established team of executive innovation leaders from top Silicon Valley companies, Innovation Minds was created to provide a holistic innovation management solution that takes the guesswork out of running an effective, sustainable, and productive innovation program. Backed by a bench strength of Master facilitators and Ideapreneurs, the company’s cloud-based Innovation Management platform delivers a crisp socially engaging space for ideators and an intuitive guide-like flow for those responsible for running their organizations’ innovation programs. Clean integrated Project Management, Visual Collaboration Workspaces, and 360° Assessment joins many tools into one and lets seamless integrations happen with others. AI/ML-powered Innovator Profiles form like-minded powerful teams to get ideas to the finish line. Survey and Feedback Management, Live and Webcasted Events following the exclusive 6Thons© Framework with onboard RSVP Management further fortify the solution. The tools present easy scalability to pilot for POC, and rapidly and economically expand to thousands of users globally.

About InnovationOne
Through almost 20 years of scientific research and data from 3000 companies, InnovationOne founder, C. Brooke Dobni, PhD., developed the InnovationOne Health Index© (IHI), a scientifically developed quantitative diagnostic tool to assess, measure, and benchmark innovation culture and capability across 4 organizational dimensions and 12 drivers of innovation. Dobni, a Professor of Strategy and former dean at Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan, produced a landmark study, “Innovation Nation – Innovation Health Inside the Fortune 1000” that identified why companies fail to become innovative, highlighting 6 common traits of highly innovative organizations. It was the largest study of innovation conducted in the Fortune 1000.

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Debbie Wisch, Innovation Minds