Our most recent research with The Conference Board reveals the importance of managers in encouraging innovation. In our infographic below, the “Innovation Priorities” chart on the right shows that highly innovative companies have managers who score higher in encouraging innovation than low innovation companies.

Based on our research at InnovationOne, the managers in highly innovative organizations do the following to encourage innovation:

  1. Constantly communicate new information, clarify goals, roles, operating norms, and provide performance and development feedback.
  2. Treat their employees with mutual respect and build trust.
  3. Know the skills and abilities of their employees
  4. Encourage employees to make suggestions and values their contributions
  5. Allow time to innovate
  6. Encourage constructive conflict, debate, and problem solving while assuring collaboration
  7. Open doors and provide resources to overcome obstacles
  8. Reinforce and reward innovation
  9. Measure progress

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