Superior Cabinets invested in several continuous improvement and innovation practices with too little success. Leadership wondered what was needed to accelerate innovation.


Scored 79% on the InnovationOne Health Index– 10% above industry average, however they needed to improve their innovation leadership and knowledge management/decision making.


  • Focus on rapid modifications and decision making
  • Friday Kaizen meetings
  • 700+ Kaizens improved ideation and accelerated decision making

Problem: Superior Cabinets, a Western Canadian manufacturer and retailer of kitchen cabinets, invested in a number of innovation and continuous improvement practices with too little success.  With multiple geographic locations, product lines, projects and services, a true perspective of the organization’s innovation culture was unclear.  Although the company experienced financial and operational improvements, the organization needed to know how their innovation culture compared to the industry and their focus for the future.

Assessment: An InnovationOne Health Index (IHI) was administered to assess their innovation culture and compare their scores to industry averages. We discovered that their efforts in lean and continuous improvement were gaining traction, but their capabilities with innovation leadership and knowledge management needed improvement.

Solution: Superior Cabinets launched Friday kaizens to accelerate ideation and decision making. With over 700 Kaizens, they improved their innovation. The InnovationOne Health Index identified concrete, measurable steps to improve innovation and create value.