Business Challenges

  • Deregulation,
  • Digitization of everything and other emerging technologies
  • Increased competition
  • Decreased financial results


InnovationOne Solution Services

  • Multi-Year InnovationOne Health Indexes (IHI) Quarterly Monitoring
  • 4-Year Innovation Roadmap

Company Outcomes

  • 8 Major Innovative Opportunities Identified
  • Over 4 Years Improved IHI Scores by 17% Points
  • In Year 4 reported highest net income in history
  • Named “Top 100 Workplace in Canada”

De-regulation and emerging technologies created new, internet business channels with expanded marketing and product and service options; introducing new, non-traditional competitors, over-capacity, increased market threat, and significant financial risk.

Better informed commercial customers now had higher expectations, and greater diversity of needs; with less loyalty and low switching costs to other providers.

SaskCentral journey:

  • Year 1: Set strategic focus on innovation and engaged with their customers and employees
  • Year 2: Re-organized by customer segmentation.
  • Year 3 and 4: Streamlined product and service options to play to their strengths. Began quarterly semi-structured interviews with senior management to assess innovation roadmap initiatives and progress, making modifications as required.

After a five-year journey and using the InnovationOne Health Index and the Four-Year Roadmap SaskCentral improved its innovation scores from 61 to 78 and achieved its highest operating margins ever!