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When The Conference Board asked CEOs globally, this January, to think about how the world would look in 2025, they said innovation would remain an essential priority.

And for good reason: highly innovative companies have higher growth and higher profits than less or non-innovative ones. Moreover, their stock market performance shows it.

With COVID19, innovation has never been more urgent. It is critical for survival.

To provide more clarity on the emerging practices of highly innovative organizations and to uncover their methodologies, technologies, and habits, The Conference Board and InnovationOne partnered in 2019 to field our second Global State of Innovation survey. We surveyed organizational leaders at the manager level and above from North America, Europe, and Asia.

Our results reveal that high innovators distinguish themselves in multiple ways. First of all, they treat innovation as a strategic imperative and nurture open and collaborative cultures of innovation and agile organizations. Learn more about how the most highly innovative organizations win in the market place by downloading our free report.

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