Watch the rebroadcast of our highly attended and successful webcast, “Reinventing Innovation During Times of Crisis: Lessons from Leading Companies.” From this post, you can also download our valuable report and PowerPoint slides.

John Metselaar of The Conference Board, Peter Coffee of Salesforce, and I discuss the main findings of our insightful report. The prominent learning is that the most innovative companies treat innovation as a strategic imperative in a very comprehensive way. We also cover the five sub-themes from the report.

Peter Coffee provides a great perspective on how past crises have ignited innovation. He encourages everyone to “seize the moment of permission to change” and accelerate innovation.

Watch the rebroadcast on this link. Viewing requires setting up a free account or having membership with The Conference Board.

You can download our valuable report and the PowerPoint presentation used in the webinar here.

“Seize the moment of permission to change” and accelerate innovation!

InnovationOne is offering a free, one-hour strategy session on how to apply our findings to drive innovation during COVID19. The leadership you take today to improve innovation will help assure the profitable long-term success of your company.

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