Dr. Brooke Dobni provided the keynote address on innovation at the 60th Annual Convention of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association. Dr. Dobni’s address covered “The Role of Innovation in Business – the What, Why and How.” As part of his keynote address, Dr. Dobni’s team surveyed members of the Association, prior to the address, to learn key areas of innovation focus.

The 300 members in attendance represent road and bridge builders in Saskatchewan, Canada, as well as government ministries supporting infrastructure development.

About Dr. Dobni

Dr. Brooke Dobni is the founder of InnovationOne and a Professor of Management at the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan. He has also served as the Interim Dean, Associate Dean, and Department Head of Management and Marketing. His expertise lies in the areas of strategic management and improving innovation capability, cultures of innovation, and innovation effectiveness.

Through almost 20 years of research, Brooke has published numerous leading-edge research papers on strategy and innovation. Brooke has developed the InnovationOne Health Index (IHI). It is the most robust, quantitative diagnostic tool to assess, measure and benchmark organizational innovative culture and capability, across the 12 drivers of innovation. IHI has been benchmarked with over 2,000 organizations (including the Fortune 1000) and is referenced to as one of the most comprehensive and reliable measures of innovation culture in organizations.

Brooke holds a Ph.D. in Strategy from the University of Bradford, Bradford-Leeds, UK, and an MBA and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from the University of Saskatchewan. He can be reached at dobni@edwards.usask.ca.

About InnovationOne

Innovation can be inspired, measured and managed. Strong cultures of innovation lead to sustainable competitive advantage and improved financial performance.

InnovationOne partners with leadership teams to build innovation capability and dynamic cultures of innovation. In addition to our InnovationOne Health Index, we partner with leadership teams to provide strategic planning, innovation blueprints, executive workshops, and employee and team training.