InnovationOne Founder and Managing Partner, C. Brooke Dobni, Ph.D., will be a Keynote Speaker at ISPIM’s Innovation Forum in Toronto, Canada, March 19th to 22nd, 2017. His keynote will be “Innovate and Thrive! Measuring and Managing Innovative Effectiveness for Sustainable Competitive Success.”

Dr. Dobni (Brooke) will disclose the organizational dimensions of innovation effectiveness and the 12 most impactful drivers of innovative capability and culture. Based on his landmark Fortune 1000 Study, “Innovation Nation? Innovation Health Inside the Fortune 1000”, he will articulate the six common traits of highly innovative organizations, and provide practical guidance on how every organization can improve its innovation culture and capability, resulting in higher operating performance and sustainable competitive success.

Brooke is a Professor of Management at the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan, having also served as the Interim Dean, Associate Dean, and Department Head of Management and Marketing. His expertise lies in the areas of strategic management and improving innovation capability, cultures of innovation, and innovation effectiveness.

Through almost 20 years of research, Brooke has developed the InnovationOne Health Index (IHI), the most robust, quantitative innovation diagnostic tool to assess, measure and benchmark organizational innovative culture and capability across the 12 drivers of innovation. IHI has been benchmarked with over 2,000 organizations and is referenced to as one of the most comprehensive and reliable measures of innovation culture in organizations.

In addition to the Fortune 1000 Study, Brooke had published numerous leading-edge articles and research papers on strategy and innovation in professional journals such as: The Strategic Management Journal; Journal of Business Strategy; European Journal of Innovation Management; Journal of Marketing Management; Marketing Intelligence and Planning; International Journal of Innovation Management; International Journal and Learning; International Journal of Business Science, among others.

Continuing his thought leader research, Brooke is launching the “Global State of Innovation Survey” to discover innovation similarities and differences by country.

Brooke holds a Ph.D. in Strategy from the University of Bradford, Bradford-Leeds, UK, and an MBA and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from the University of Saskatchewan. He can be reached at

About InnovationOne

Innovation can be inspired, measured and managed. Organizations which develop dynamic cultures of innovation build sustainable competitive advantage and improved financial performance. InnovationOne partners with leadership teams to build innovation capability and develop dynamic cultures of innovation. InnovationOne has the most robust, quantitative assessment to score, benchmark and ignite an organization’s innovation. In addition to our InnovationOne Health Index, we partner with leadership teams on strategic planning, developing innovation blueprints, executive workshops, and providing employee training and innovation team kickoffs.

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