“The role of leadership cannot be overestimated when it comes to building a culture of innovation,” says Dr. Brooke Dobni, InnovationOne founder. “Leaders who are able to motivate employees to a shared vision and build empowering and collaborative cultures that align the organization’s processes do better bringing new innovation to the market place, and creating a sustainable advantage and higher financial performance.”

FEI conference attendees will also be able to sign up for our Global Innovation Survey, which will be launched this summer to discover innovation similarities and differences by country.

InnovationOne provides the most robust, quantitative assessment available to measure, score and benchmark an organization’s innovation culture—and the blueprint to ignite your organization’s innovation.

The InnovationOne consulting approach is based on the knowledge that innovation can be scientifically measured and managed. The InnovationOne Health Index is a scientifically-based, proprietary diagnostic assessment that has been benchmarked with over 2,000 organizations across a variety of industries. It measures innovation across twelve drivers and four organizational dimensions of innovation, identifying areas of innovative strengths and weakness.

In addition to our InnovationOne Health Index, we provide innovation workshops for executive teams and middle management. We have over 65 clients in eight years of consulting.

Ignite your innovation engine and get started on the road to full innovation capability and effectiveness! Contact us today to get your organization’s InnovationOne Health Index scores and benchmarking–and build your Innovation Blueprint Map for competitive success.

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