InnovationOne Founder and Managing Partner, C. Brooke Dobni, Ph.D., will speak and present a workshop at ISPIM’s (The International Society for Professional Innovation Management) Innovation Forum in Toronto, Canada, March 19th to 22nd, 2017.

During his Innovation Leadership presentation on Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Dobni (Brooke) will disclose the organizational dimensions of innovation effectiveness and the 12 most impactful drivers of innovative capability and culture. Based on his landmark Fortune 1000 Study, “Innovation Nation? Innovation Health Inside the Fortune 1000,” Dr. Dobni will highlight the six common traits of highly innovative organizations and provide practical guidance on how every organization can improve its innovation culture and capability, resulting in higher operating performance and sustainable competitive success.

Dr. Dobni will also present the top findings of his recently concluded Global State of Innovation Survey. The survey assesses the cultures of innovation and innovation practices from 11 countries, pinpointing their differences, strengths and weaknesses. The survey also uncovers contemporary practices in innovation and the areas in which organizations are succeeding and struggling.

Dr. Dobni and InnovationOne Managing Partners, Victor Assad and Ed Colby, will also be holding a workshop, “Do You Believe Innovation Can Be Inspired, Measured and Managed?”  This workshop is for business leaders who are struggling with igniting innovation in their companies, which is impacting their financial success.

In this practical workshop, participants will receive a review of InnovationOne’s latest research on innovation. They will hear about the SIX TRAITS of highly innovative companies and learn how their companies can remain innovative, year in and year out.

Workshop attendees will be divided into “executive teams” and given the anonymous results of the companies who have taken the InnovationOne Health Index assessment. Teams will then use the InnovationOne Blueprint Planning Process to create an action plan that will enable them to improve the innovation capabilities of their companies.

Dr. C. Brooke Dobni is a Professor of Management at the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan. He has also served as the Interim Dean, Associate Dean, and Department Head of Management and Marketing. His expertise lies in the areas of strategic management, improving innovation capability and cultures of innovation, and innovation effectiveness.

Through almost 20 years of research, Dr. Dobni has developed the InnovationOne Health Index (IHI), the most robust, quantitative diagnostic tool yet developed to assess, measure and benchmark innovation culture and capability in organizations. IHI has been benchmarked with over 2,000 organizations and is often referenced as one of the most comprehensive and reliable measures of innovation.

About InnovationOne. InnovationOne partners with leadership teams to build innovation capability and dynamic cultures of innovation. InnovationOne has the most robust, quantitative assessment available to score, benchmark and ignite an organization’s innovation. In addition to utilizing the InnovationOne Health Index, we partner with executive leadership teams on strategic planning and developing innovation blueprints for their organizations. We also provide custom workshops for executives on how to ignite innovation within their organizations as well as practical innovation training for employees and innovation teams. Learn more at or call 707-331-6740.

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