We do. And we have the scientific evidence to prove it.

This workshop, which is being held at ISPIM Toronto 2017 on March 20, 2017, is for business leaders who, for one reason or another, are struggling with igniting the innovation of their companies.  As a result, their financial growth and profitability suffers.

The business leaders who take this workshop see the big picture challenging their organizations.  They realize that only a comprehensive approach to improve innovation will truly create a competitive advantage and improve profitable growth.

In this workshop, the participants will be provided a review of InnovationOne’s latest research on innovation and will learn the six traits of highly innovative companies–and how they can remain innovative, year in and year out. 

Workshop attendees will be divided up into “executive teams” and given the anonymous results of companies who have taken the InnovationOne Health Index. The teams will use an abbreviated version of the InnovationOne Blueprint Planning Process to create an action plan to improve the innovation of their company.

Attendees can apply the learning from InnovationOne to their companies at the end of ISPIM Toronto 2017.

Through almost 20 years of scientific research, InnovationOne founder C. Brooke Dobni, PhD. has developed the InnovationOne Health Index (IHI), the most robust, quantitative assessment to measure, benchmark and improve innovation culture and capability.

Because of his research and our experience, InnovationOne provides analytics, guidance and hands-on support for how every organization can improve its innovation culture and capability, resulting in sustainable competitive advantage and higher financial results.

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