InnovationOne Managing Partner Victor Assad will be presenting the “Six Traits of Highly Innovative Organizations and Human Resources’ Role in Fostering Innovation” to the LEHRN Field Trip at the Glenn Taylor Innovation Corp on February 26th in Mankato, MN.

“Our research over the past 15 years–and with the Fortune 1000 study–clearly shows that highly innovative organizations align with six traits for innovation,” says InnovationOne founder Dr. Brooke Dobni.

“Human Resources leaders have a special role in highly innovative organizations” says Victor Assad, “to promote shared vision and to work with leaders to develop collaborative cultures, build employee skills, and align the organization’s performance management and rewards systems to foster and implement innovation.”

InnovationOne provides the most comprehensive diagnostic assessment available to measure and benchmark the innovative capability of an organization. The InnovationOne approach is based on the knowledge that innovation can be scientifically measured and managed. Our InnovationOne Health Index is a scientifically-based, proprietary assessment that has been benchmarked by over 2,000 organizations across a variety of industries. It assesses, scores and benchmarks an organization’s innovation across the twelve drivers of innovation–identifying areas of innovative strengths and weakness and providing specific recommendations to move forward.

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